What's up with SBK

THE YEAR 2013 

 Hey everyone,

I just wanted to keep in touch with a short note on what's to come in 2013. I have many things behind the scenes going on in preperation of the release of my newest CD, 'Reach'. I am proud to have co-written the majority of the songs and to be putting out an album that has really narrowed in who I am as an artist. With my Producer, Kevin Lato, collectively we were able to combine the talents and come up with my best music to date...to add icing to the cake, the project was mixed by WORLD RENOWNED mixer/producer, Brian Malouf. Brian produced and mixed my last cd, Reinventing Myself. I cannot tell you just how excited I am that the time is almost here for you to FINALLY hear. 

2013 will mark a new beginning for me in many ways and I'm looking so forward to all that is to come.. and even moreso, to share it all with you. This of course will include CD release parties in several places so that you can be a part of them. Thanks for all your continued support everyone and remember you can always stay in touch and watch for what's happening and coming up here at my website or any of my other sites/pages. You can access all of them from my home page here at www.sarahbethkeeley.com

Don't be strangers and we'll see you at a show soon.


SBK :) 

Summer 2012 

 Hello SBK fans and friends,

just a brief update for you to remind you of the performances I have coming up this summer. It all starts this weekend in Airdrie for the WILLIAMSTOWN GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION. You can check it all out at http://www.vestawilliamstown.com/grandopening/

May 17th - 19th I will be at the Ranchmans for an ALWAYS high energy time. I have several other dates posted and they will continue to be added so keep checking the TOUR section of the site.

For those of you who have been asking about the cd and new music, thank you once again for your support and patience. All I can tell you is the new SBK chapter is coming soon.... can't wait! 

I have also added a new email address especially for fans to email me to so you can go to the contact section of my site and send questions to me and I will do my best to get back to you :) 

I appreciate you all, thank you :) 

SBK xo

2011 overview 

Hey Everyone,

well the year sure has flown by, as they usually do, and to say the least 2011 has been QUITE the year for SBK. The definite 'high' of it all has been recording my newest cd, which I have to admit, has exceeded my expectations. Kevin Lato, who is a very talented producer and musician, worked tirelessly to help make this album what it is and to really bring out the best in me vocally and more. I was able to have the opportunity to co-produce with someone who knows my voice and who I am as an artist and a person. I don't think I ever realized how important that is until now. I now can understand why artist/producers work together project after project for many many years. If it works why change it, right?! This seems to be the same when it comes to co-writers as well. I can certainly speak for myself anyway.

I had the AWESOME opportunity to shoot my first video this summer for the 1st single release, coming in early 2012. We all had a blast making the video in Edmonton, AB along parts of Jasper Avenue and the beautiful River Valley. It was all very exciting, minus my sore feet from walking in high heels for 7 hours...LOL It was ALL very worth it though, and I anticipate you will all feel the same when you get to see it. Carla, my manager, was there for it all and took good care of the little details that artists often feel 'bugged' by, but it is necessary and it would not have been the same without her there to share the opportunity with me, that's for sure.

When it comes to performances, this year was the best yet. I feel so much growth both vocally and on the stage. Thanks to many who believe in me and offered to give me the opportunities, I got to play many of Canada's biggest festivals. They included main stage at Craven Country Jamboree, Big Valley Jamboree Kick off Party and Peach Festival in the beautiful Okanagan. Of course, I had many many other shows keeping me pretty much on the road the entire summer along with my stellar band including Kevin Lato, Gavin Sorochan, Stefano Valdo, Jason Graham, Sue Levesque, and Troy Ranger. I also want to make mention of the talented Chris Ayries, who was on board to sing back up vocals for me on a few of the shows, showcasing her stellar voice.

Recently I opened for Streetheart, which was a blast and an honour, as they are a legendary band and when I was 5 years old who'd have thought I'd open up for them one day- ha ha.... This has brought me to the present and winding up my final shows of 2011. That includes bringing in the New Year at the hugely popular Ranchmans Cookhouse and Dancehall, here in Calgary. Along with CCMA rising star Chad Brownlee I will perform that night as well and help to ring in the next year.... I cannot wait, it'll be a blast and bringing us that much closer to the release of the new music ---YEEEAHHHHHHH!!!! Can't WAIT!! 

I'll write again soon, and until then take care,

All the best,

SBK xo

a more updated update..LOL 

Hello everyone,

I know it's been way toooo long since I wrote in the 'SBK NOTES', but the good news is I have been very busy and productive in many ways.
2010 had me very busy with MANY shows all over Alberta and radio tour all over AB, BC and SK. What a lot of fun that always is, and to meet
the radio folks personally is something that is so beneficial for all parties involved - Loved it! Radio over 2010 has been very good to me and I
want to thank them all for the support! Some of the shows were especially amazing, but none more exciting than opening for Clay Walker this
past November at the Grand Opening of the Century Casino here in Calgary - What a blast! I spent a lot of the last half of 2010 writing for my new
cd, due out in 2011.
2011 is shaping up to be my BEST year yet - with the newest cd coming soon, and being included on Rosters of festivals and rodeo's I could only have dreamed of
a few years back. I look forward to seeing you out there this summer - CAN'T Wait... Keep smilin and Lovin - LIFE IS GOOD !

~SBK~ xo

Wow, what a year so far 

 Well.... I can't put the start to this note any other way! This has been an amazing year so far, and I can't thank my fans, management and musical family enough for all that's happened for me. First of all I'd had some amazing shows with some amazing musicians throughout Alberta at many of the popular Casino's, including Grand Prairie, Cold Lake and Camrose. May brings me to the very successful, well received and VERY FUN Western Canadian radio tour. I can't say enough about this and thank Kevin Lato for being with me to play guitar, help with the driving and keeping the laugh's going on the 6500KM we drove throughout SK, AB and BC. Thanks to all the fam along the way that gave up beds and food for us too :) All the people we met at the stations were so receptive and I'm very appreciative of the support they gave me at EVERY stop! Now we're into June and I have shows throughout the end of the month which I've been missing - HOWEVER, in saying that, the best thing that I could have asked for came to me as a very pleasant SURPRISE. I learned that I have made the 2nd ballot for CCMA Female Artist of the Year! WOWOWOWOW! I can't tell you how exciting this is and can't explain the gratitude one gets for their support, and to know that people are recognizing what you're doing and loving what you do enough to submit your name is truly an honour..... LOL... I've been a voting CCMA member for 9 years and to actually have seen my name there was surreal and well....Need I say more!
I have an extremely busy Stampede week coming up as well with at least 15 different shows and breakfasts with a definite highlight of having been asked to sing the National Anthem at the Grandstand opening the 2009 Rodeo, which also airs nationally on CBC. What an honour! If this is any indication of how the rest of this year is going to go, bring it on! Thanks everyone for sticking by me. Hard work pays off, and don't just dream what you want to do, DO IT!!


New Look to my Website 

Hey everyone,

well, hope you like the new look to my website! The greatest thing is that it's up to date and now with this new blog it allows me to keep you updated along with the fact that I'm now on Twitter. These are all amazing tools and I'm pretty thrilled about the new site, all the new pictures and music that have been added. I also have a place where you can comment on my blog and send me messages. I love to hear from my fans and friends so please feel free to drop me a hello or let me know if there is something not on the site you'd like to see! I will be posting fun polls for you all and of course I still drop into Keeley's Krew which you can access via the 'fanclub' section under 'message board'... I also have a video section where videos' will get added as often as they are available.

Have a GREAT week and thanks for coming by my new site. I'm just getting ready for a run of many shows. Please keep up to date in the tour section and watch for more getting added often. Take care,